Green New Deal

10 September 2019

Launch of Green New Deal by Shropshire Green Parties

Peoples Vote Letter in Shropshire Star

30 April 2019

Letter by Steve Hale (SSGP Membership Officer) calling for a Peoples Vote on any Brexit deal proposed by Parliament.

20 is Plenty

31 March 2019

Professor John Whitelegg (SSGP spokesperson on transport) is continuing his crusade to establish 20mph speed limits by testifying to the prestigious UK Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport safety.

Green Party moves to block Church Stretton housing plan

17 February 2019

South Shropshire Green Party moves to block Church Stretton housing plan. The group said the council has earmarked sites near Gaerstone Farm and Snatchfield Farm.

Birmingham Arms Fair Petition

31 January 2019

Arms Fair planned to take place at the Birmingham NEC on 28th March. Sign petition to oppose!

Green Councillor Talking Sense

29 January 2019

Julian Dean talking a great deal of sense about the need to tackle Climate Breakdown and new housing in Shropshire, including redevelopment of Copthorne Barracks in Shrewsbury. Julian certainly shows the value of elected Greens !

SSGP Future Fit Street Poll

29 January 2019

South Shropshire Green Party have been out on the streets of our towns to canvas peoples' views on the expected results of the Future Fit consultation.

Shropshire Greens Statement on Future Fit

11 June 2018

Shropshire Green Parties response to Future Fit campaign to close one of the two A&E units in Shropshire by asking residents to choose between two unattractive options.

Enough - a new show by SSGP member Lucy Aphramor

11 June 2018

Enough - a new show by SSGP member Lucy Aphramor (Radical dietitian :: Spoken word poet) on 8th July at The Hive in Shrewsbury

Badger Cull Letter in South Shropshire Star

14 April 2018

Letter by Hilary Wendt (SSGP Co-ordinator) which makes a strong case against badger culling.

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