‘Times are changing, have hope’: Shropshire Council has its first Green Party councillor in Duncan Kerr

7 February 2016

'Times are changing; have hope' was Duncan Kerr's message [1] as Shropshire’s Green Parties [2] celebrated the election of the first Green Party Councillor to Shropshire Council and now gear up to make sure that more Green councillors join him in May 2017.

With Duncan’s win, the Green Party now has councillors on 11 different councils across the West Midlands.  There is now a Green councillor in every county of the West Midlands region.

Duncan Kerr [3] was elected on 4th February in the Oswestry South by-election with 48.5% of the vote, winning former Conservative Council Leader Keith Barrow’s old seat. The Conservative candidate polled 34.5%, and Labour and the LibDems less than 9% and 8% respectively.

Duncan KerrWith a huge share of the total vote, Duncan’s election shows that Green councillors can be elected in traditional Conservative voting areas and the Green message is taking root in Shropshire.  Green councillors work very hard and will take the key arguments for better public services, better public transport and green jobs into the Council chamber.  The Green political message combines strong beliefs in a high quality environment with a commitment to local jobs and a fair taxation system to ensure that vital services are maintained and vulnerable groups in society are not penalised.

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, offered her congratulations:

"Duncan’s win in Shropshire is richly deserved. Like Greens up and down the country, he has listened to the concerns of his community and demonstrated a genuine preparedness and readiness to challenge the status quo.The Green Party is going from strength to strength in the West Midlands, where increasing numbers of people are sick and tired of business-as-usual politics, and attracted to the Greens' blueprint for a fair economy, publicly owned and run services, and a safe climate.”  

Duncan Kerr said:

"I would like to thank the people of South Oswestry for their support. Shropshire faces a very uncertain future with threats to all services from libraries and parks to care services for the elderly and young people all under threat.  From my own knowledge and experience of 30 years in local government, I know there is an alternative to this dismantling of our society.  I will be calling for policies which will rebuild the economy and vitality of our great town."   



[1]    Duncan’s tweet after the election result was declared.

[2]    There are two Green Party branches in Shropshire: Shrewsbury & North Shropshire, and South Shropshire.

[3]    Duncan Kerr has spent thirty years working for, or acting as a consultant to, local government. As a town councillor in Oswestry since 2013, he has campaigned on the threat to Shrewsbury's A&E, against fracking and for safer 20 mph speed limits on Oswestry's residential streets. He has opposed eyesore developments and helped dozens of residents with their problems and issues.