SSGP Future Fit Street Poll Results - in the media

29 January 2019

The story can be found on the Shropshire Star website here.


The original press release stated:

The clearest and simple message from Shropshire people - that both existing A&E Emergency departments must be kept open.

The South Shropshire Green Party ran street stalls in six south Shropshire towns to offer people the chance to express their views on the retention of one or both of our area's A&Es at PRH in Telford and RSH in Shrewsbury. The conclusive message from these ballots is that Shropshire people do not agree to either of Shropshire's two A&Es being closed as proposed by Future Fit.

Ballots were offered before and after the Future Fit public consultation which failed to ask people if they would accept losing either of Shropshire's A&E Emergency hospitals. The formal questionnaire only asked people which location people preferred for a single A&E Emergency hospital - by implication, the closing of one A&E. That looks most likely to be Telford A&E at Princess Royal Hospital.

The six towns' public ballots were organised by the South Shropshire Green Party which asked people 'Should both Shrewsbury's A&E and Telford's A&E remain fully functioning A&Es?' The ballot results give the clearest public view: -

- In Bridgnorth 96.7% of ballot participants voted that both A&Es should remain.
- In Church Stretton 94.2%
- and in Craven Arms 99%.
- In Bishop's Castle 95.4%
- and Much Wenlock 95%.
- and in Ludlow 96.2%.

Hilary Wendt, Coordinator of South Shropshire Green Party, says on the eve of the Future Fit Board decision meeting: -

"This is the clearest and strongest public message to the Future Fit Board that both Shrewsbury and Telford A&Es must remain open to serve emergency needs in these growing principal Shropshire towns and for their rural catchment populations."

"Whether the emergency be road, farming, industrial, domestic or any other serious injury or illness, in such emergencies the vital point is that every second counts !" "The geography of Shropshire and adjacent areas in Wales and Telford absolutely requires 2 fully functional A&E facilities. Distances are huge, road conditions build-in delay, ambulance services are under intense pressure and anything that causes delay when a small child has suspected meningitis or an older resident has a heart attack is contrary to well-known health care principles and is unacceptable."
" If getting fast to the nearest emergency care isn't critical when needed, why do ambulances have blue lights and sirens and why is the provision of air ambulances so important ?"

"Shropshire people know this obvious reality and have made their position crystal clear which the Future Fit Board must heed. We are a rich nation and our claim to be civilised relies on us having the best emergency health care in the places we need it - and that means retaining our A&Es at our hospitals in Shrewsbury and Telford"

"The Future Fit proposed building of a new £312 million Emergency Centre hospital in Shrewsbury does not dictate nor make necessary losing Telford's A&E. The Future Fit Joint Board must not ignore the clear will of the people."

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