‘Times are changing; have hope’, says Shropshire Council's first Green Party councillor

07 February 2016

'Times are changing; have hope' was Duncan Kerr's message as Shropshire’s Green Parties celebrated election of first Green Party Councillor to Shropshire Council and now gear up to ensure that more Green councillors join him in May 2017.

It's time to start tackling floods at source

31 January 2016

The Government’s response to the present stormy weather and flooding events fails to address the fundamental causes. Ongoing work in Shrewsbury’s own catchment area demonstrates the simple, practical measures that can dramatically slow down the rate of water run-off from uplands and alleviate downstream impacts.

Our area deserves rail services and integration with bus services equal to the best in Europe

09 January 2016

Public transport services in this region are underfunded, are not integrated and are generally of poor quality; local Green Parties tell the West Midlands rail franchise consultation what must be done

Urgent action needed to deal with flooding and improve land management in a rapidly changing climate

07 January 2016

Measures being taken to alleviate flood damage are often counter-productive, treating symptoms rather than addressing the systemic causes

Shropshire's national & local politicians must join together to support our NHS

01 January 2016

The NHS Choir makes Christmas No. 1 yet local councils are fighting between themselves and ‘portacabin’ care is deemed acceptable for Shropshire: Greens question funding settlement & competency of healthcare planning and call for joint approach

Scrooge now in residence at 10 Downing Street

26 December 2015

Since 2008, European spending on long-term care of the elderly has risen by an average of 17 per cent; however, despite Britain’s number of over-80s jumping by 20% in the past 7 years, the UK now spends 8 per cent LESS on care than in 2008

Shropshire Council’s ‘Big Conversation’ is deeply flawed

21 December 2015

Shropshire Council's statutory duties do not appear anywhere on its ‘Big Conversation’ website and it is completely irresponsible to invite comments on prioritization of services that the Council must provide by statute

Green Parties call for immediate commitment to full A&E services in both Shrewsbury and Telford

06 December 2015

It is time to end the uncertainty: Shrewsbury and Telford both need a high-quality, full-spectrum, well-staffed A&E unit

Twenty's still Plenty despite Ludlow Advertiser's ill-tempered reaction

04 December 2015

The scientific evidence for a residential 20mph speed limit is overwhelming, seven times safer than a 30mph limit; we have to protect the most vulnerable in our midst

We must end antibiotic overload & dependency in farming systems and human treatments

02 December 2015

Considerations of antibiotic resistance MUST now be incorporated into planning assessments of new intensive poultry farming applications in Shropshire

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