Bleak future for Shropshire delivered by Conservative Party politicians in Shirehall and Westminster

30 November 2015

Osborne’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review confirms our worst fears about the bleak future facing Shropshire

Council leader Barrow offended against the principles of Integrity, Honesty & Leadership

21 November 2015

Conservative councillor "ought to have been aware of the need to disclose his interests in all matters whilst conducting the business of the authority"


Spending Review: It's high time the Tories cut the cuts

19 November 2015

Enough is enough: further cuts to Shropshire Council's government grant will spell devastation for vital local services

When will Shropshire Council take responsibility for our children's safety?

16 October 2015

SSGP calls on Shropshire Council to reverse its decision to reject primary schoolchildren's plea for 20mph speed limit

SSGP calls on Shropshire health chiefs to respond to NHS ballots

09 October 2015

Over 88% of those taking part in our survey want healthcare in our community not just to be free at the point of use but also to be owned, managed and staffed by a tax-funded and publicly-constituted NHS.

Ballot box

One-party councils like Shropshire could be wasting £2.6 billion a year

09 October 2015

Councils dominated by single parties could be wasting as much as £2.6bn a year through their procurement processes, according to a new report for the Electoral Reform Society.


Shropshire MP Paterson's attack on green 'bullies' is inaccurate & wrong-headed

25 September 2015

Following his ill-informed attack on environmentalists, South Shropshire Green Party challenges Owen Paterson to debate his shallow analysis of sustainable food production

Will Corbyn's Labour Party be any more 'green'?

25 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's statements on economic growth and coal, together with his pro-fracking Shadow Cabinet appointments, don't augur well


Shropshire Council's planning gives us the bird yet again

11 September 2015

Shropshire Council members demonstrate their ignorance and contempt for ethical farming practices in another poor planning approval

SSGP Refugees Welcome

New Chapters and Officers approved at EGM

09 September 2015

Saturday's EGM saw SSGP readying itself to take its first seats on Shropshire Council with a new organisation

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